Bot Framework Composer

Bot Framework Composer is an open-sourced visual authoring canvas used to build conversational AI applications. Composer is available as a web-based client and a desktop application. The main advantage of using the Composer is that we can build bots without write a line of code! The features include in context editing for language understanding(NLU), tools for testing and training language understanding(NLU) and QnA components, and a ready-to-use bot runtime executable.

Using the Composer saves a few steps for the developer to set up the environment. One more interesting fact to note is that apps developed using the Composer make use of the adaptive dialog format which is used by various bot framework tools as well, thus making it easy for integration. Composer allows us to build sophisticated composition of bot replies using Language Generation.

Many of Composer’s functionalities such as storage, authentication, publishing and templates can be customized and extended by using extensions. These extensions are nothing but Javascript modules which gets access to a set of Composer APIs to offer a new functionality to the application.



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