LUIS — Language Understanding Intelligent Service

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What is LUIS?

LUIS or commonly known as Language Understanding is a cloud based API that incorporates machine learning into the user’s conversation context to extract useful information and predict the overall meaning. In this case, a client app can be anything such as chatbots, social media apps, etc. LUIS basically enables users to build applications to process their input in natural language and then predict and extract meaningful information.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a part of AI which deals with the interaction between computers and human(natural) languages and how to program the computer to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.

The entire setup consists of a LUIS app which contains a LUIS model based on domain-specific natural language model. The LUIS model can be built via the LUIS portal or the authoring APIs. One can build the LUIS app with a prebuilt model or create a custom model or have a mix of both prebuilt and custom.

Working Mechanism

Once you have created the LUIS app and trained and published it, the client application sends the utterances(which is nothing but query in the form of text) to the LUIS endpoint API. The API in turn applies the LUIS app(comprising of the LUIS model) on the utterance to predict and extract information and returns with a JSON response.





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